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My name is Erica Singh, and I’m very upset with last night. It is so much troubling that I am selfish, but there is a choice of self-righteous people, and I am not weak. I will fight against my biggest problem in my life.

Now let me tell you what my problem is.

Last night I had a friend’s marriage and I went to her wedding with my two other friends, getting dressed very well!
My marriage has just been a year now. My age is 24 years old, I am on a good job in a private company, the husband is also the very good job, but his job is touring, often going out of the city. Even yesterday he was out of town for two days, so I told my mother that they should come to me for a couple of days, because I was alone at home, and alone I am very scared.

I got up at about 6 in the evening and went to the marriage with my friends and said to my mother that I will come only after dawn in the morning.

Mom Fucked by Husband
Mom Fucked by Husband

When we got married, we made a lot of fun, I even killed two tequila shots. Nasha, youth, beauty, money, love did not have me … all made me whole minded.
We were not laughing at all the friends, and we were not laughing at what was going on. We ate all the dancers at the DJ, ate plenty of food But I do not know why, around ten o’clock at night, my stomach got worn, tickle in the stomach, gas and sour duck.
Slowly my condition started getting worse. Then I should not eat anything or drink anything.

I and my friend went searching for a chemist’s shop and went to him, he gave gas, acidity medicines, I ate but did not even come to rest.
At around 11.30 am I felt like I would vomit. I went to the bathroom, sat in the bathroom for 10 minutes, then the loud loud vomited, all ate and drank out, the tears coming out of the eyes spread all over the face and all my make up got spoiled, the whole mascara spread, the face Ruse, blushar all got off

I saw my face in the mirror, hair scattered, sweat on all faces and tears of tears. A friend of mine who speaks a lot, and seeing me, she said, “Eric, you look like this, like someone hurts you with great health, and that too from behind to ass!”

I smiled- Hey man, got torn down here, and you’re making things up. My health is not well, let me leave home and come!
I did not even feel the pain due to my deteriorating health, so both of us returned from marriage. He left me under my society and went away.

I came up from the lift, and opened the door with the duplicate key of my flat. When I went inside, I saw two glasses of wine, bottle of water, water, soda, salt, food, cigarette and everything was scattered.
I was amazed that who did all this, who had come here, Viren is out, then who is the party in the house?
All the lights in the house were burning.

There were 100 different ideas in my mind, once thought that Viren might have returned. But if I came back, then I would call him. Fear of a strange fear, with heart beating, I grew up towards my bedroom. The door was slightly open, and the light was burning in the inside.

Inside the view, I sensed my mind.

From the back, I recognized, this is Viren. When did they come back and who is this woman under them, to which they are having sex? I rolled my sandals and went in the footsteps, Viren was feeling completely full and both of them were full of fun.

I lit a big light on my own.
As much as I was surprised by seeing them, they were surprised to see me more than that.

There was no limit to my anger, I screamed and said, ‘What are you doing, Vireen?’ And you mother?
I grabbed my head and sat down.

Wearen got up and got up and started wearing his gown. Mother took up a sheet and wrapped it.
After that the mother did not say anything, but Viren failed to explain me a lot.

I was in a bad situation crying. I was neither speaking to them nor listening to them. Filled with anger and misery, I left the two of them in the other room, closed the room from inside, and cried, crying so much.
I could not imagine that my husband could have sex with my mother, and my mother, he had never done such a dirty thing till today, let no man hit him, I see him from childhood was.

I did not cry when I could cry or cry.

My head was very sad when I got up in the morning. I got up and went to the kitchen, mother was making tea. He could not see me, but he made a cup of tea by giving me a cup.
He started to go, so I caught his hand – how long was it going?
I did not even consider them to be a mother.
That quote – from your marriage before!
I was surprised to hear it. It means that this illegitimate relationship of Viren and Maa is before my marriage.

Viren was at home, otherwise I wanted to know everything from mother only.
“Since when before marriage?” I asked.
Mother said – when I caught both of you in the wrong condition that day, since then!

I got off the floor right under my feet, I sat on the floor again, and started crying again, Mother started silence me. I did not understand that for all this I should blame my mother, or my husband.

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